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When You're Friends With Us, There's Benefits

Coo is not just about deals, it's about community.

Exclusive Access

Save big every month by getting access to deals you can't get anywhere else

Keepin' It Local

We work with locally owned and operated businesses that you already frequent

Give Back Easily

A portion of all proceeds go to locally run non-profits and causes in your city

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Save hundreds every month with exclusive local deals, all at your fingertips.

  • You save at places you already go

  • You support local

  • Non-profits get funding
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Need Help Fundraising?

We're your people!

With Coo you can fundraise in a whole new kinda' way.

  • No fees of any kind
  • Easier than other options
  • Passive and Reoccurring Fundraising 


Make Money Off Your Friends



Well, Sort Of.

Join our ambassador program to earn some serious cash.

  • Share something great with your network
  • Get paid. Not just once..every month
  • No special skills or effort needed

We work with some of the best businesses around.

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