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You have a mission. We want to give you some rocket fuel for it. 

We help churches fund their programs a little differently.

  • Effortlessly Share Great News

  • Start Making Money Quickly

  • Coo is Passive and Reoccurring 

We Know the Pains of Fundraising

That's why we flipped the traditional model on it's head. Here's how it works.

Share Your Code

Coo members get a free month of Coo when they sign up using your referral code

Members Pay

Coo users pay for a monthly subscription to have access to exclusive deals in their city

You Earn Money

$1 of memberships go back to you, every month, for as long as they are a member

Simple Ways to Share Your Fundraising Code

Email Lists

Text Lists

Social Media

Print Material

Word of Mouth




Businesses on Coo


Value of Monthly Deals


Deals Available

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"I am used to putting in a ton of work for a golf tournament or auction. Coo gives us the ability to raise passive funds every month. I could see us making more over the course of a year with Coo than with some of our other fundraising options."

Sara R.
Mom of 3

We would love the opportunity to answer your questions.

We know that for Coo to work, this has to make sense for your goals

  • We have nothing to sell you.
  • We will never hound you.
  • Our onboarding is S.I.M.P.L.E.

We Are On A Mission To Make Fundraising Easy.